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The Inn Crowd: A Story of Food Service, Love, and Monsters

What Is It?

The Inn Crowd is a visual novel fantasy sit-com told in five parts, following a nameable main character working in a tavern-inn combo called The Red Herring as they interact with a colorful cast of characters, participate in food service hijinks, and build deep friendships, some of which have the potential for romance. Romance is not mandatory.

The core focus of the game is talking to and strengthening relationships with each character, but there will also be a variety of exhilarating food service mini-games to play! The Inn Crowd also features dynamic choices, which will impact the story going forward in meaningful ways. One such choice will be pronouns! The player will be able to choose what name and pronouns the main character is referred to with.


You are an Adventurer!


Well, that's what you told your childhood neighbor and best friend right before hopping on a trade caravan headed to the big city near the mountains. Towards an adventure you were certain you'd never forget.


Maybe even towards your destiny.

That was three months ago, and - according to the innkeep - the big city is on the other side of the mountains. Mountains that are much too dangerous to travel alone, and especially without any gear.

Too bad you are alone, and you spent your last coin on a bed for the night.

So what's a would-be Adventurer to do? Work at the inn, of course!


Nilhiswen "Nil" | Elf | 5'10"

Likes coffee, music, and toads. | Dislikes tedium, authority, and beets.

Passionate and somewhat hot-tempered, Nil keeps her past to herself and her gaze on the future. She's the first to confront any problems she or her friends may have, and usually the last to give up on them.

Beaux | Kolock | 6'6"

Likes Autumn, history, and pie. | Dislikes confrontation, geese, and peas.

Born and raised at a local farm, Beaux has earned a reputation in town for being the most reliable guy around. He's deeply compassionate and supportive, as well as gentle to a fault.

Tulip | ??? | 5'6"

Likes horses, stories, and riddles. | Dislikes peppers, sarcasm, and storms.

Tulip has been a part of The Red Herring for almost as long as it's existed, and with her relentlessly sweet demeanor it's no surprise that she's a big part of what keeps people coming back.

Eliza | Myalmari | 6'4"

Likes gossip, magic, and cats. | Dislikes dirt, birds, and broccoli.

Eliza works as a sort of stewardess for The Red Herring. She greets customers at the door and starts their visit off on the right foot. She has an uncanny way of knowing exactly what customers are after, which probably has something to do with her knack for telepathy.

Chip | Bruin | 7'1"

Likes gardening, dogs, and Moray. | Dislikes sweets, politics, and snails.

The Red Herring's chef, Chip is a living bastion of fuzzy security. He met Moray while working as a traveling cook, and the two got married and settled down to open the Herring shortly after.

Moray | Merfolk | 5'8"

Likes naps, cards, and Chip. | Dislikes financing, violence, and ale.

The owner and manager of The Red Herring, Moray started up this business as a way of giving himself a fresh start. He's relaxed and easygoing whenever possible, which can be both a blessing and a curse for his employees.

Blair | Banshee | 5'2"

Likes quiet, crochet, and rain. | Dislikes crowds, cilantro, and rats.

The Red Herring's resident intoxicologist, Blair runs the bar like a well-oiled machine. Though they are generally mistrustful of strangers, regular customers can't help but love their dry wit and unflappable nature. Most of the time, at least.

Other characters will be here soon.

Download the demo here.

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